Services by Patent Attorneys

In cooperation with Patentanwälte Spalthoff & Lelgemann

Services by Patent Attorneys

The patent attorney interprets the scientific or technical results into legal facts. He assists
companies to assess both the legal consequences of technical facts and the technical consequences
of the legal facts, so that the various types of protective rights can be exploited, for example
in the form of patents.

He also drafts patent applications with great care and correctness in order to present the claims in
such a manner that they offer maximum protection and cannot be easily circumvented.

Patent attorneys not only provide advice and representation in matters relating to patents,
utility models and designs but also in all matters concerning trademarks.

Patent attorneys are liable for their actions, consequently it is in their own interest to provide correct advice.
The independent patent attorney is also a businessman and he can therefore understand the numerous matters
which affect his business clients.

The services provided by a patent attorney include:
        Giving advice regarding patents and utility models, trademarks, design, know-how,
           protection of software and plant varieties as well as licenses;
        Registering all commercial protection rights domestically and abroad;
        Monitoring and administering protective rights;
        Providing support with the prosecution of violation of protective rights and due diligences;
        Providing advice and representation in all matters relating to employee inventions;
        Performing searches;
        Providing technical translations.